Beautiful Bali – the place of a thousand smiles – this was the inspiration
for Indobali, a prestigious, and up-market Balinese styled development situated in the

tranquil surroundings of Rynfield, Benoni on the East Rand of Gauteng in South Africa.

On the doorstep of one of Benoni’s most tranquil and sought after conservatories, Indobali offers residents a haven of peace that is far from the day to day rush of city life.

Indobali is a secure, up-market lifestyle estate whose architectural style and guidelines are inspired by the subtle intertwining of Indonesian and Bali culture and feel.

Balinese architecture is one of courtyards, pavilion and garden elements, and open spaces. These will be echoed at Indobali – which will consist of sixty five individual, architect - styled cluster units surrounded by walkways and parkland.

The design of each Indobali dwelling, as well as its positioning on the stand, will reflect sensitivity to the existing natural features, flora and topography with most of the existing trees on the property being kept as accents to the new gardens. Residents will be encouraged by both the architect and the designated landscapers to follow the Balinese style of garden layout.


Balinese homes are built true to their surrounds using the most natural and durable material available. Indobali residents will be encouraged to use the exterior options of plaster and paint, red face brick and stone cladding to complete the authenticity of their homes.

Much of the beauty of Balinese architecture can be seen in its elegant roof lines. At Indobali, roof shapes will remain true to authentic Balinese style. Terracotta coloured concrete tiles will be used as roof coverings for units and garden pavilions.

In the idyllic Bali climate, Pavilions are traditionally used as sitting rooms, siesta areas, watchtowers and love nests. At Indobali residents will be encouraged to erect these pavilions in quiet corners of their garden, or as poolside lapa’s.

Wood and concrete plays an important part in Balinese architecture – with teak and decorative stonework being used for a variety of applications.

Supports for these structures will be plastered masonry piers, stone and wood columns of traditional design and will be made to match the specific style of the house. Following on the theme of Balinese décor, chimneys will be of facebrick or plastered masonary with approved moulded cappings and the face of all eaves will be decorative. The typical Balinese door is unique, and at Indobali, special attention will be given to all exterior doors and gates.

Indobali has been designed as a walled security estate and a manned gate house.

Indobali - just a dream away!

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